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Our Whole Company Approach

Based on our Values, we approach the partnership with our clients in a unique way. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all method, product or solution. Just as people are unique individuals, our clients' companies and questions are unique, and deserve the time and attention that we deliver with a customized approach.

Trusted Partner

We work closely with our clients to help answer important employee-related business questions. The approaches that we take are highly customized to the issues and problems that our partners have, resulting in a mutually trusting relationship where we understand your needs and business.

Value Based

Integrity is the foundation for our work, both in the nature of our client partnerships but also in how we do our work. Our clients and partners benefit from our integrity in pricing, quality, thought-leadership, and professionalism.

Rigorous and Professional Standards

Because the approaches that we use are rigorous and research driven, our clients receive expert-level, professional high-quality work and solutions.

Truth Telling

Some of our research studies and approaches yield results that our partners might not want to hear. We tell the truth, even if it might mean a shorter-term relationship with our clients. Everyone deserves the truth as a matter of respect and integrity, and we strive to use it in a way that will help an organization grow.

Whole Person

At the Paris Phoenix Group, we value the whole person. We have fun at what we do and we support flexible work arrangements. Because of this balance, our consultants are able to deliver a level of personal service and quality with a unique perspective, not constrained by location.

Our Differentiators

We start with strategy. Your project or solution should facilitate your organization's strategy, and we keep that end in mind from start to finish. Different from other firms, we challenge clients to ensure that decisions made in each step along the way point to the ultimate goal and broader strategic outcomes. Some firms may artificially show alignment of the project to the strategy at the end of the work, or they may take on the project knowing that it doesn't align to the strategy. We want you and your organization to succeed, and we facilitate alignment of your work to the strategy to enable you to be effective.

We enjoy thinking deeply with our clients about the underlying concepts of the problems they are trying to solve. Starting with solid research and adding a practical and experience-based emphasis allows us to take the best of both theory and practice and apply it to create solutions that work for our clients. Other firms may have a set list of products or theories they support and try to match your problem to an off-the-shelf solution. We are open to the idea that there may be a ready-made solution available, but there may also be a better custom solution.

We are genuinely curious about employees, leaders, and workplaces and we direct that curiosity with energy and enthusiasm to solving real-world problems.

We conduct our own research and statistical analyses for each project, enabling us to be deeply engaged and knowledgeable about our client's data, respond quickly to requests, analyze the results from multiple perspectives, and be more cost-effective. Many firms outsource their data analysis to others, costing clients more and prohibiting the consultant from truly knowing the ins and outs of your results.