Laura Hamill Lindsay Bousman

About Our Company

At the Paris Phoenix Group, we start with understanding your strategy. We want you and your organization to succeed, and we facilitate alignment of your work to your company's strategy to enable you to be effective. Our services are built upon a highly disciplined and robust research approach and are aligned to professional standards. Different from other firms, we challenge clients to ensure that decisions made in each step along the way point to the ultimate goal and broader strategic outcomes.

Our method is evidence-based talent management, using data to guide decisions to improve the employee experience and organizational performance. Our consultants focus on understanding how the employee perspective fits into the organizational people system. Each of our customized solutions is founded on a rigorous research approach. This allows us to provide our clients with well-founded and effective solutions to meet their business needs.

Founded in 2006 by Laura Hamill, Ph.D., Paris Phoenix Group is dedicated to providing organizations with customized solutions for complex business situations, generally involving employee issues. Paris Phoenix Group is a group of organizational psychologists and research consultants who share a passion for understanding the employee perspective and how that fits into the larger organizational context.

Laura Hamill, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Laura Hamill has a Ph. D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has over 15 years of experience architecting and implementing research and assessment strategies in organizations. Laura owns Paris Phoenix Group, an organizational research and assessment consulting firm that she started in early 2006, and is Vice President of, a partner company in business for 12 years and a Microsoft vendor since 2002.

Before starting her own company, Laura worked for Microsoft for over 8 years, primarily as the Director of People Research, a team of organizational psychologists. In this role, she developed Microsoft's first leadership competency model, developed multiple large-scale assessment techniques and processes, and conducted individual executive assessments for their senior-most leaders. Before Microsoft, Laura conducted employee research at Allstate Research and Planning Center and Bell Atlantic.

She earned her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Old Dominion University and a B.S. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Lindsay Bousman, Ph.D.

Organizational Research, Assessment, and Consulting

Lindsay Bousman has extensive experience helping clients find answers and solutions to their talent management questions and closing the gaps in their talent management programs. Her work includes leading full-scale annual employee survey programs, creating custom competency models and assessments, and developing custom solutions aligned to a business strategy with such varied outcomes as validated interview guides, biodata-based self-assessments, toolkits for leading change, and on-boarding program enhancements. She has conducted global engagement surveys for Starbucks and Microsoft, culture assessments, managed exit survey programs, and provided custom research services.

Prior to her Northwest professional career, she worked in the Midwest as an independent consultant providing project support and statistical analyses, developing selection tests, and worked as a compensation analyst in HR for Central States Health and Life Company of Omaha.

She earned her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Nebraska, an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and a B.A. in Psychology at William Woods University.